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International Boarding School, SMA N 10 Samarinda

Picture above are one of an International Boarding school in West Kalimantan named SMA 10 Samarinda. This school is also one of favorite school in Kalimantan and also an RSBI school. It is located at Jl. HAM. Rifaddin No. 1 RT. 25 Kel. Harapan Baru, Samarinda's other side. SMA N 10 Samarinda built in 11th september 1997.This school has won for many times in various competition like science olympiad,quiz,english debate,and other competition. Not only in province but also in national competition. Even, in 2005th SMA Plus Melati got the 5th national rank in final examination and got 2nd national rank in math score.

This school is not only for studying but also make us become more dicipline. Because it's a boarding school so it forces us to be a dicipline and independent. We can't ask for our parent's help so we have to do all with our own work. But in dorm,you will get many friends who'll always accompany you. In every room,there are 4 students occupy. And also there are 4 tables,beds and cupboards. The facility that you'll get is like loundry.But only uniform,other clothes no.

The students in this school aren't only from samarinda but also cities in Kalimantan like Bontang,Tarakan,Sengata,and others. This year SMA N 10 Samarinda received 200 students and pemprov Kaltim gave scholarship for 100 students who enter this school.

Me, as the writer is one of student who study there. I entered that school this year and I'm so happy. I like the events that the school made and there are some organizations there. Example like, MPK,OSIS,Nihongo,EBF,Atravasa,and Irma. If we want to enter the organization we have to pass through the audition. The audition's process such as problem solving,and leadership.Beside that there also an audition to get in olympiad of science like math,physic,biology,economy and others.

If you want to know more about this school, visit the web. click here

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